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About Embrace International

EMBRACE INTERNATIONAL is a Christian group created to unearth the talents & potentials of all ages. We believe soul-winning can also be done through our God-given talents/gifts. As a talent-based company, we help youth to identify their God-given talent (s) and use them for their benefit and that of others. Embrace focuses on the neglected gifting in the churches and teaches young people how to build those giftings into something admirable and essential to God and society. Some of these giftings include Dance, Poetry, Drama and Music, which have always been the focus of churches and other moral events for balanced growth.

Embrace International has been in existence since 2016, after its foundation in Bo town with a very strong and formidable team base. In 2019, Embrace branched out to Freetown and established a frontier to run the affairs and carry out the vision of Embrace further. In the same year, Embrace invited Popular Ghanaian actors; Majid Michael, Pascal K. Amanfo, Timothy Bentum and Nick Ametitor who were hosted for an impactful three days talent-based event and a conference.

In 2020, Embrace entered a Gospel Music competition titled: Next Gospel Best Music Competition.  Out of 30 participants, we emerged as the 2nd place winner. Thereafter, the team continued testing the waters and doing things in their little corner. Soon after, Embrace decided to break out of the silence as we formally came to the public. So, we had our Launching, Dedication and first TALENT NIGHT with the theme: “BREAKOUT” together with a FUNDRAISING DINNER on the 22nd of October 2021.

In a way of Reaffirmation, Embrace International is a registered organization working with young people to create the platform to showcase their God-given talents through POETRY, MUSIC, DANCE and DRAMA. Embrace is poised to surrender its talents in building a Healthy Christian community and by extension, enabling the right platform for all especially the youths to discover, develop, and maintain their potentials that will bring glory to God, and profit to the individual and their community. In a way to encourage vulnerable members within the team, some reserved funds after the launch were used to support those in schools and colleges with fees and transportation.

Apart from our countless achievements earned and unflinching supports towards state building through moral and ethical standards and events, EMBRACE has also been a patriot group and a patroniser to national issues, especially ones that are of national interest.  For instance in 2018, after the August 14 fetal mudslide occurrence in Freetown,  Embrace is known to be one of the few, if not the only Christian organization that held a formal national memorial service, to mourn the demise of the countless souls lost. The service was held in Bo on the 3rd of September that same year; titled: “The Last Phone Call.” Ministers, government parastatals and key stakeholders were in attendance, as prayers were offered for the lost souls and the nation at large. Watch the covering via video below:

Quite recently, Embrace successfully conducted a drama tour to key District Headquarters with education-related matters, in line with the Grievance Redress mechanism Unit’s campaign, under the Ministry of Basic and senior secondary Education (MBSSE).

EMBRACE INTERNATIONAL has a membership of 50 or more young people who are 98% students some in Bo city and the others in Freetown. However, we always try as hard as possible not to involve with their academic schedules but with a balanced timing that fits in for all.



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