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Embrace International was born in 2016 out of the passion for young people to use their God-given talents and to keep their smiles alive and kicking. Music, Poem, Dance and Drama are the wheels this creation rides on and it is what EMBRACE INTERNATIONAL is focused on because these are ways and characters we use to live in this world and even the great beyond which is eternity.

We help young people master the craft of confidence when facing society’s challenges just as they are and also help them reach their full potentials and desired goals. #NotaboutusbutGod #GodGotUsCovered     (– Caroline Tinny Lamin (Mrs).

EMBRACE INTERNATIONAL is a Christian group created to unearth the talents & potentials of all ages. We believe soul-winning can also be done through our God-given talents/gifts. As a talent-based company, we help the youth to identify their God-given talent (s) and use them...

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